Creating open source code is helping me as a developer

When creating the github project and transferring the code for jsf-updates-angular I realized that opening up my code to the public, is helping me being a developer.

While creating the company internal code that jsf-updates-angular is based on, it was done as a part of a bigger code base. It was only a small part in a test branch. I did not really pay attentention to implement it in the most clean way. I mean … it was not bad code. But it was embedded and not meant to be used as a standalone library. It used jQuery, naturally, because jQuery is part of this project. It was a part of an existing module which was easy because it was already there.

jsf-updates-angular (jua) does not really need jQuery. When I would try to, I could do the DOM work on my own. Currently, even the released version of jua is using jQuery. I would only need to ready some articles to make myself familiar with the original browser API to the DOM. That can’t be that hard.

Ripping the code out and releasing it as a standalone module already gave me a new look onto my code. I already have tweaked it and thought about how others will likely use it. The code is now better than before. I did not think about this while writing this code in my company because … no one will take the file and use it somewhere else. No need to optimize it. Its just there.

But while releasing it, I looked on my code with other eyes. Maybe I saw it like I was an external code reviewer. Maybe I saw it as I would see it when I was the customer.

My company will benefit when I release open source software, because I’m learning.

And the next version of jua will not need jQuery.

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