2 thoughts on “JSF-updates-angular. How to use angularJS directives to replace JSF components

  1. Great work! I like the idea to use AngularJS to implement client-side widgets. I suspect this may be the future of JSF anyways. Sending tons and tons of HTML code to the client was necessary in the past. Since the invention of Polymer and AngularJS it’s time to think things over. It’s time to move components to the client.

    BTW, I like JUA. I tried to do the same, but failed. That’s why AngularFaces 1.0 used the brute-force approach. AngularFaces 2.0 dropped it altogether. In theory, updating works nicely as long as you use jQuery to update the DOM, but standard JSF doesn’t use jQuery, so it only works with PrimeFaces.

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